Dealing With Your Anxiety Problem Naturally

Anxiety is an occasional problem for everybody. For some, however, anxiety is an almost constant problem. There is no aspect of life that is not affected by a chronic anxiety problem. Those who suffer with frequent or chronic anxiety live in a prison of fear.

Anxiety treatments exist on many levels. Medication and counseling may be necessary for serious cases. The majority of anxiety cases can be relieved, at least in part, without medical intervention.

Investigate your food and beverage choices, and pay attention to the effect they have on your anxiety levels. If you are a heavy drinker, or even an average consumer of alcoholic drinks, the alcohol may be contributing to your attacks. Take alcohol off the menu and note how you feel after giving yourself time to adapt.

Caffeine is another common culprit, and can be found in several beverages, namely coffee, tea, and soda. While many are not adversely affected by caffeine, it can have a negative affect and increase axiety symptoms. Cutting caffeine out quickly may result in withdrawal symptoms, which, ironically, could be a source of more anxiety.

Sweeteners are also stimulating. Play detective as you investigate which sweeteners affect your mood and peace of mind. Aggressively avoid any sweetener that makes you nervous or increases your anxiety.

Excluding stimulants is a great step, but there is even more you can do to free yourself from anxiety. Adding healthy foods and supplementing with vitamins may restore your body to a healthy state so it can better handle onslaughts of anxiety. Supplement your diet with vitamins with high levels of the full range of vitamin B.

Anxiety and sleep deprivation go hand in hand, each contributing to the other. Set up a sleep schedule that will fit with your daily routine. Rise early and go to bed early every night, even on weekends, to establish a restorative sleep routine. If you lie awake for an hour, get up and walk around a bit, but avoid any stimulation such as television or lights.

Perhaps the most immediately rewarding and beneficial approach you can take to lessen your anxiety is exercise. Exercise relieves anxiety by improving blood flow and releasing hormones that brighten your mood and reduce pain. Exercise in the earlier parts of the day will also help you sleep better at night. If you exercise within an hour or two before bed, you might be energizing your body and cause sleep problems.

It is difficult not to focus on your anxiety, but doing so only makes it worse. Think about peaceful thoughts, or occupy yourself with projects you enjoy, such as crosswords, woodworking, knitting, or old comedies.

Take it upon yourself to get a grip on your anxiety with these practical solutions. Natural healing is a slow process, and you may be tempted to quit. Diligently follow these suggestions for a safe way to chisel away at your anxiety. Your anxiety will not disappear over night. Occasional anxiety is normal, so do not feel that you are returning to a state of anxiety if you have a rough day now and then. Just stick to your plan to maintain a level of calm.


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