Coping With Anxiety in Social Situations

If you are not like other people, this is just how it is. You may hear advice to be yourself quite often, but you might also feel peer pressure to be like everyone else. If you feel anxious in social situations, a little personal development can go a long way to restoring your confidence when around others. Keep reading for more on how to enhance your positive attributes while whittling down your flaws.When you feel anxious around other people, stop and ask yourself why it is.

If you are nervous around particular family members, is it because they have a history of jumping down your throat or criticizing you? What causes you to have anxiety around certain coworkers? Do you fear getting lost in parties? Anxiety usually has a specific cause. Try and isolate it to know what is really going on. Usually, there are simple fixes, like going to parties with friends or avoiding certain people as much as you can.Sometimes, it is just the opposite gender that makes you nervous. In some cases, you might even feel nervous around your members of your own gender.

Consider whether you do not feel adequate in certain areas or maybe if there is an unresolved issue from a parent or significant other. Coming to terms with something mentally and affirming yourself through a mantra can quickly turn your mind emotions around.Are there actions you can take to work out your nervousness prior to spending time with others? Good sweaty exercise sessions can certainly improve your mood and confidence for a time after. Try and get one of these workouts in before spending hours with other people.If need be, reenter the social world somewhat vicariously.

Spend more time with your best friend, and only join them for social occasions for a time being. You will eventually get more comfortable being around others and start splitting off into starting your own social life.Never fear getting professional help. You want to be healthy and happy, so spending some time with a psychologist or psychiatrist is never an indication of weakness. Rather, it is a sign that you love yourself enough that you are willing to ask for and receive the help you deserve.Try giving yourself some space.

Sometimes, social anxiety is just because you do not have enough room and time with yourself. Take a half an hour every morning to journal out your thoughts over three pages, and see where your nervousness and negativity are coming from. Also, take yourself on a date once a week. Write down a list of things you would love to do, or maybe loved to do as a kid. Take an hour or more to do them.Dealing with the outside world can really overwhelm some people, especially in tight quarters; contact with crowds is common in urban environments. Ninety percent of the country’s population lives in cities, so it only makes sense that you have to cope with social anxiety at some point in your life. Use the ideas within this article to do just that.


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