Beat Anxiety Without Prescription Pills

Some anxiety is a normal part of life โ€“ but extreme anxiety or feeling anxious for no reason can be devastating. If you experience insomnia, inability to reason, tiredness, headaches and/or a number of other maladies, you may be a candidate for some natural remedies that will help you get your life back.

Studies have shown that the following natural remedies can help symptoms of anxiety:

  • Passionflower โ€“ Long used to treat anxiety and insomnia, passionflower has been found to cause fewer side effects than prescription drugs such as mexazolam. Donโ€™t take passionflower with other medications without consulting your health care professional.
  • Breathing techniques โ€“ Deep breathing exercises associated with yoga and other forms of meditation can positively affect anxiety issues. Research various techniques to find out which is best for you.
  • Valerian โ€“ The herb, Valerian, is often used effectively to treat insomnia and promote calmness. As with passionflower, donโ€™t use with prescription medications until youโ€™re sure there will be no consequences.
  • Aromatherapy โ€“ Massage oils added to baths or infusers can help anxiety. Some essential oils derived from plants for aromatherapy treatments are lavender, geranium, cypress and jasmine.
  • GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid) โ€“ GABA is an amino acid that helps ease anxiety symptoms by positively affecting brain receptors.
  • B-Vitamins โ€“ Vitamin B12, in particular, helps the body ward off stress and anxiety. Try taking a B-Complex multi-vitamin supplement each day.
  • St. Johnโ€™s Wort โ€“ Often taken as an antidepressant, St. Johnโ€™s Wort can also lessen anxiety symptoms. Donโ€™t take this remedy with other prescription drugs, especially antidepressants such as Paxil.

Most anxiety is caused by stress, both emotional and physical. Itโ€™s a sign that your body and mind are in distress. Seek balance in your life by taking steps to reduce stress, get enough sleep and take better care of yourself.

Itโ€™s important that you also reduce caffeine intake and attempt to work some type of daily exercise into your schedule.



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