Things We Do That Our Dogs Hate

Our dogs are our best friends. We love them so much it hurts to even think of the possibility we are hurting or upsetting them in anyway.

But alas, some human behaviors that we actually think are cute or funny, can make our 4 legged friends very uncomfortable.Since they love us unconditionally they are unable to show or tell us what those little things are and how much they bother them.

If you love you dog(s) as much as we do, you better read this short list we’ve come up with and stop with those nasty habits.Luckily enough our dogs love us so much that we can be sure they forgive us and love us just as much as always!

1. Hugging Them Tight

Whether or not hugging you dog is a good thing is a good debate topic. Putting your arms around a dog and hugging them tightly can be a sign of aggression and dominance. In the dog world, putting your paws on another dog can mean that you’re looking for a fight. 
Even if your dog does allow you to hug it, make sure you’re the only one that does. You don’t want a stranger or their kid making your dog feel threatened. If you want to show affection, a dog would probably prefer a belly rub. 

2. Waking Them Up

Yes, dogs look cute when they’re sleeping, so let’s keep it that way. Their little paw twitches and quiet sleepy barks are irresistible, but please don’t feel the need to start petting the dog when they are having a snooze. 

How would you like it if you were in the middle of a nap and someone just came up and started petting you? You could startle them and end up with a bite. 

 3. Yelling At Them 

It’s hard to discipline your barking dog without feeling the need to yell at them, but that’s not the right thing to do. In order to not agitate your dog further, you need to lower the tone of your voice, be calm but firm. 

Dog trainers anywhere will tell you that yelling is not a good idea. Loud barks are a sign that a dog is ready for a fight, so yelling over your dog is not going to calm them down. 

4. Staring Into Their Eyes 

Stare downs in the canine world are a sign of aggression. Especially with a dog you don’t know. If a dog feels like it’s in danger, it might lunge at you and give you a nice bite. 

5. Pulling on Their Leash 

Training your dog to walk on a leash is one of the most important things you can do for both yourself and your dog. You don’t want to be dragging your dog down the street, and you don’t want your dog to drag you, so what do you do? 

Keep the leash loose, change speeds and directions to make your dog pay attention to you. Pulling your dog on a leash could hurt them. Walking your dog with a loose leash will happen in no time. 

6. Leaving Them Alone for a Long Time

We know you have to go to work, all of us do, but try not to leave your dog unattended for extended periods of time.
Think of it this way, you and your family are your dog’s pack. They are social animals by nature and need to be around others.

If you leave the dog alone for 10 hours at a time they can begin to exhibit destructive behavior like digging and chewing as well as develop anxiety. They also may start barking a lot more because they need attention.
What’s even worse is that being left alone for long periods of time can lead to separation anxiety as well as behavioral and psychological issues.

If you need to be absent for long hours, make sure your dog has enough entertainment, even leaving the TV or Radio on can be a source of comfort for them!

7. Not Maintaining a Routine 

Dogs like a routine. They like to be fed and walked at their usual times, and they like to snuggle on the couch when they are expecting it.

Try to stick to a regular routine without switching things up too much. If you are constantly switching up their usual routine you are putting your dog through undue stress that can make them angry or confused.
This confusion could eventually turn into behavioral problems. So try to stay as consistent as possible with your feeding, walking and playtime schedule. Your dog will appreciate it, and you will too, trust us.

8. Overcrowded Dog Parks 

It is a great idea to take your dog out for exercise, but a crowded dog park can become scary to your pet.
If your dog gets along well with other dogs then a dog park should be alright, provided it isn’t overcrowded and there aren’t too many aggressive dogs around. But, if your pup is a little skittish, throwing them into an extremely crowded dog park can lead to fights and discomfort.

If you notice your dog pinning back their ears or carrying their tail low when they are at the park, this could be an indicator that they are scared and want to leave. Don’t force them to stay where they don’t want, as much as you wouldn’t want to stay where you feel uncomfortable.

9. Teasing Them 

You might find it funny to watch the confused look of your dog when you tease them with a treat or a toy, but it’s not that much fun for your pet.

Teasing your dog by moving their food while they are eating or tugging on their ears or tail can scare your dog as well as make them angry. It is especially important to teach young children not to tease the dog as they may end up getting bit which will not only traumatize your dog but it could scare your child too.
When your dog does something to deserve getting a treat, try giving it it to them right away and don’t tease them too much.

10. Dressing Them Up 

We know this is probably one of the cutest things ever, and you can’t wait for Halloween to come. But dressing up your dog in a costume is probably the last thing they would want you to do.
Each dog has its fur and that’s all they need, putting on those extra layers might actually make them feel really restrained and not at ease.
Your dog is the cutest thing in the world as it is, no need to add on anything, so save those costumes for you and your human family.




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