A Few Tips For Dealing With Anxiety

Whether your anxiety is occasional and triggered by certain things, or it’s a true disorder, nobody is immune to anxiety. We all get a little anxious now and then. Maybe you have a work deadline, or a bank statement to deal with…life can get in the way sometimes, but there’s no reason why you should go through it sitting at the edge of your seat for the whole ride. 

It’s important to not let anxiety get the best of you, so here are some ways you can dial it back: 

Unplug At Bedtime

Having a constant connection to whatever it is that’s stressing you out is not helping you at all. Scrolling through emails or social media can stress you out, so turn your phone off at least an hour before you go to bed. And for the sake of your sanity, don’t use the excuse that you have constant notifications, because both Apple and Android phones have “Do Not Disturb” features. Nice try. 

The blue light that comes out of your phone has actually been proven to turn off melatonin and release cortisol (which wakes you up), so swap out digital reading for a book. 

Maintain Good, Healthy Habits 

Step back and say to yourself, “Have I been eating healthy? Have I been working out? Am I keeping a good schedule? Do I get a good night’s sleep?” It’s important to examine your lifestyle to identify any triggers for anxiety. If you’re anxious all the time and your schedule is one big mess, you might want to get organized. Keeping a schedule and keeping up with healthy day to day habits will keep your mind at ease. 

Reason With Yourself About Why it’s Happening 

Sometimes we get anxiety from made-up scenarios in our head. For instance, you texted a friend and they still haven’t replied 3 hours later. 

“Is she mad at me? Did I do something wrong? Maybe I should call her to see…” 

No. She could be busy at work, she could be tied up in a meeting, maybe she’s with someone else, or, God forbid, maybe she hasn’t checked her text messages yet! 

The only reason you would have for thinking this way is if you know you did something wrong, and if your conscience is clear, your head should be too. 

Take Deep Breaths 

Deep breathing is a commonly recommended strategy for getting rid of anxiety. Sit quietly and focus on your breaths. It will help you to sit down, meditate and listen to yourself inhale and exhale. Remember to focus ONLY on your breathing, or your racing thoughts might just butt their way into your head again. 

Acknowledge Your Anxiety 

When you’re feeling anxious, never say to yourself things like “Having anxiety over this is stupid,” or “It’s not even a big deal!” The last thing you need is to have anxiety about your anxiety. 

Anxiety exists in different forms and in different levels, so if you’re feeling it constantly or experiencing panic attacks, see a doctor ASAP. It’s important to deal with a problem that’s holding you back from living a normal life. 


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