Eliminating Stress Can Aid Lupus Pain Relief

Lupus is an autoimmune condition which affects many parts of the body. Symptoms of lupus include fatigue, skin rashes, joint pain and swelling Those unfortunate to suffer from this condition will tell you that flare ups can happen at any time but are usually induced by sudden bouts of stress. Dealing with the pain can be difficult but the obvious thing to do to help ease the symptoms lupus brings about, is to eliminate where possible those factors causing the stress.

Everybody suffers from stress at some point in their lives and often illnesses are brought on by sudden changes in our mental and physical health. Lupus suffers have to cope with intense pain and stress increases the intensity to almost unbearable levels. Learning how to relax and lower stress levels is paramount in lupus pain relief and coping methods should be explored if help and treatment is needed.

300x250When lupus and its dreaded symptoms flare up it’s time to ask for help from friends and family and allow yourself some relax time in order to work through the pain. Pain medications can be effective but there are also natural choices such as massage, reflexology and various holistic approaches.

If you are able to make time to relax your muscles then a hot bath can work wonders to ease joint pain and stiffness. Fatigue can be countered by getting plenty of sleep and handing over household chores to other family members. The more time you can spend relaxing, the quicker the symptoms of lupus will pass and the less stress you will feel resonating throughout your body.


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