Foods That Can Help With Lupus Pain

There is much to be said about the phrase you are what you eat. For anyone who suffers from lupus changing what you eat is perhaps the most effective way to help control pain and relieve many of the symptoms of this debilitating condition. As with any illness, choosing what you put in your diet can determine your overall health so it is key that you choose carefully and stick to what is good for you.

The best foods to eat if you suffer from lupus are those that are simple, natural whole foods such as fruits and vegetables. It is more beneficial to eat vegetables as raw as possible in order to get the most of their goodness. If over cooked or boiled many vegetables will lose their healing properties.

300x250It is also recommended that you eat foods which are easy to digest and keep the digestive system active, in order words keep your bowel in regular working order. Making a habit of drinking water throughout the day and not just at meal times will again keep the digestive system in tip top condition, keep you hydrated and flush out any toxins.

Whenever possible opt for organic foods and eat a varied diet that is rich in alkaline, anti oxidant and anti inflammatory foods. Refrain from any foods that provoke allergic reactions and these in turn will cause your lupus to flare up. Making sure you consume enough of the good essential fatty acids will help with inflammation and reduce pain significantly.


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