Unexplained Joint Pain

Have you ever woken up with an unexplained joint pain? Did you first try to blame a bad sleeping position for the discomfort but noticed that the pain was still there even at the end of the day? Such occurrences usually take us by surprise and do not indicate anything alarming at first. The problem is that there could be serious reasons to worry behind unexplained joint pain. If you don’t have rheumatism, arthritis and didn’t suffer any physical trauma, it is very possible that the cause for the unexplained joint pain to have remained hidden to you for a certain period of time.

Medical investigations are of paramount importance under the circumstances to identify the reasons for the unexplained joint pain. The doctor will ask you a very comprehensive set of questions about the context that may have led to the situation. There have been cases when joint pain was a mere symptom of influenza but the pain can also be rooted in some autoimmune disease like lupus for instance. Though you may be tempted to self-treat an unexplained joint pain, it is not advisable to use anti-inflammatory drugs as you risk to hide the real cause of the affection and make it more difficult to detect.

300x250An incipient form of arthritis could take you by surprise with an apparently unexplained joint pain, but after some basic investigations the doctor may set the course of treatment so as to avoid a deterioration of the joint cartilages for the future. Only administrate those drugs prescribed by the doctor and specify whether you are following any other treatments in parallel. Sometimes a combination of anti-inflammatory drugs and some other specific medication may be a real threat to your health. A good example here is the incompatibility of diuretics with certain analgesic drugs for instance.

It is good to inform the health care provider in case you suffer from a chronic disease or any organ malfunction whatsoever. Do not take an unexplained joint pain lightly, as things that are discovered in time will be easier to treat and with better chances of recovery. No matter how unbearable the pain may seem, do not rush for pain killers, they are easy to start and difficult to discontinue. The reaction to pain differs from individual to individual depending on personal sensitivity and a whole range of factors that make some more resistant than others.


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