What to Buy For Your Bathroom When You Win $1 Million!!!

Hey there. We’ve come up with a list with super affordable items you need to buy for your bathroom right now…just kidding. We’ve actually found a bunch of stuff that costs more than the preowned Honda I had in high school. You’d be lying to yourself if you said you’ve never combed through a catalog, taking mental notes of all the things you would buy if a million dollars magically appeared in your bank account, and while we know that most of these things are completely unnecessary and way too expensive, we can still dream. 


Gold Vessel Bath by Splinter Works ($105,000)


We love bathtubs, stay tuned. 


Ciotole Tub ($38,000)


Everyone needs a good “sinuous wash basin is inspired by the image of two bowls, one inserted into the other and slightly off-center” bathtub, right? 


Lucious Polished Moon White Marble Tub ($8649) 

A white marble bathtub is the piece your bathroom is missing. Also, kudos to you if you noticed that each bathtub is getting more affordable, but still not affordable. Ok, that’s it for tubs. 


Cela Shagreen Double Vanity ($5595)


We love a good vanity. Make sure when buying one, you get a double (in case you ever wake up married to Brad Pitt). 


Britta Bath Tower ($1899)

I’d be lying if I said blowing 2 grand on a bathroom cupboard isn’t on my bucket list. 


Hide Swirl Chair ($1,375)


Everyone needs a great chair in their bathroom. 


Seura Lighted Mirrors ($1,699 – $2,299+)

There isn’t a set price on these mirrors (you need to get a quote), but they start at over $1000 and that’s good enough for us. 


Muse Blanc Candle ($89)

 Honourable mention goes to this creepy $89 candle. 


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