Drew Barrymore’s Secret to Whitening Tea-Stained Teeth

Iced tea, coffee, red wine…some of the world’s favorite drinks, but also, a dentists worst nightmare? Don’t fear, Drew Barrymore is here. 

The actress and avid iced tea drinker recently took to Instagram to share her secret to keeping your teeth white on the go

So what is it? The Colgate Optic White Whitening Pen ($13)

In the post she writes: “I finally found something that helps me. I drink ice tea all day long. It’s my life. But, there is a reason the call it “tea stained” because it does. Then my teeth are super sensitive, so most brighteners and bleaches are out of the question! Not to mention, who has time to go sit in chairs and have your teeth whitened? 

So I found this because my friend swore by it, and I’m telling you! I love it. It really works and I feel so much better about my teeth. Especially when you wear certain lipstick colors (reds etc) that can really bring out the truth of your teeth. So, grab this and do it at home. Worked for me!” 

It comes in a package with the Colgate Optic White Toothbrush, and fits inside the base of the brush so you can grab it on the go.

After you’ve brushed, you apply the gel to your teeth and you’re done! No rinsing required. 

We’ll definitely be trying this one. 


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