Our 5 Fave Places to Shop for Furniture ($-$$)

All of us have gazed into our bedrooms wishing it looked like every page of every furniture catalogue we’ve ever opened. Our homes are a representation of who we are, so it’s normal that with our ever-changing minds we wish for nothing more than a home makeover. But wait! You don’t necessarily need to save up for one nice piece, you don’t have to call up Martha Stewart to help you match paint and linens…yet. Today we’re going to help you with the first step, shopping! Here are 5 of our favourite places to shop for furniture: 




Structube is modern and easy. A lot of their items are under $500, making it an affordable way to have a stylish home. See for yourself! You’ll fall in love with their designs. 




Everyone knows what Ikea is, and if you don’t, you’ve definitely heard their ads on the radio. While Ikea is known for their modern, affordable designs, they’ve really stepped up their game lately and we’re loving it. You know you drive past at least two Ikeas while you’re driving on the highway, why not take a detour? 


West Elm 


West Elm is quickly becoming THE place to shop for furniture. Their mixture of modern and classic makes for one beautiful home, and we’re totally loving it. Their price range varies, but is more than Ikea and Structube. 


Restoration Hardware 


Restoration Hardware is THAT place. That place with the amazing light fixtures, that place with the beautiful dining tables, and definitely that place with the sofas you never want to leave. With their relatively new RHModern line, fall in love with the old and the new. Their prices are upwards of $1000, but trust us, when you have a RH piece in a room, your entire home will feel like a million bucks. 


Black Rooster 


We stumbled into Black Rooster by accident one day, and it’s been one big love affair since. We’re not going to sugarcoat it, their prices are up there, but even if you don’t end up buying anything, you can get a lot of ideas and find alternatives to mimic a certain style. Be warned, one look at their website and you’ll never want to leave! 


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