How To Make Money As A Vlogger

If you’re not subscribed to any vloggers on YouTube, you’ve probably come across one on the trending page. Becoming a vlogger (or “video blogger”) can actually bring in some money if you’re looking to make a little extra coin. If you have thoughts, opinions, or you just want to vlog your daily life, grab a camera and get started! Here are some ways you can make money as a vlogger:

Google Adsense 

Once your channel grows, you could reach out to different companies to advertise on your content. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Finding your own clients and securing contracts with them can be difficult, but there’s an easier way!

Enter Google Adsense. You can monetize your videos at the click of a button by allowing Google to run ads on your YouTube videos. When you do this, you will collect a certain amount of Google’s commission with every ad engagement. 

Start by creating an Adsense account. On your YouTube account, go to the Monetization page and click the “Enable My Account” link. With your accounts linked, you can now run Google ads on your channel’s content and start making some money! 


Make A Blog! 

Your followers/subscribers will probably want more content beyond YouTube, and a blog is a great way to do just that. Grow your YouTube community while earning more money. 

Adsense is not just for YouTube videos, you can monetize targeted ads for your audience on your blog. Your audience can enjoy reading your quality thoughts and opinions while they’re surrounded by ads of all the things they’re interested in. 

Once your blog starts to gain some traction, you can reach out to brands for sponsored content. Always be honest with your audience and let them know that what they’re reading is a sponsored post! 



Create merchandise so your fans can rep your brand! As your fanbase grows, so will interest in your brand. Your logo should be recognizable when people see it either on YouTube, your website or social media. 

It’s easier than ever to create and distribute branded merchandise, there are so many online business willing to do all the work and handling for you. Create a logo and an online store that reflects your overall message. Plus, it’s free advertising for your channel when people wear your stuff!



Once you really develop your brand and target audience, reach out and connect with brands that catch the interest of both your and your audience. Write a proposal to your brand of choice telling them how you would help them. All brands know that you want a sponsorship, so tell them how a sponsored partnership would benefit them. 

Always be upfront about sponsored videos and content. It keeps you honest and lets your audience know that you are trustworthy. 


Happy Vlogging! 


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